How that html slideshow was done in R ?

I would like to make a similar presentation:

What tools should I use ? I would like to have code, output, pictures in it, paginations, etc.

Hi. Maybe this helps: Slide Presentations

This example was apparently made with Xaringan
Which can be seen on line 7 of this file :
flextable-whyr/index.Rmd at main · ardata-fr/flextable-whyr · GitHub

I found a tutorial on xaringan for you
Chapter 7 xaringan Presentations | R Markdown: The Definitive Guide (

Thank you,
I will try to recreate it with Quarto as, as they say this is next generation of Rmarkdown.
The main disadvantage of it is that unlike Powerpoint there is no navigation panel for all slides.
When I have got eg. 100 slides this is difficult to find myself where am I at the moment? I mean which code chunk is responsible for which slide ?
In PowerPoint we have got small thumbnails for it and this is very useful. There is no such a thing in Quarto.