How to add line break or newline of space in dataframe column in rmarkdown pdf?

I'm using r-markdown to generate pdf. i want to add a line break or newline to a column in a dataframe where ever the space is there.

C1       C2    ID
22.6    a-b    a
23.5    ba-cd  b
24     c-d     c
25.3    d-e    d

i want output like

C1     ID
22.6   a

23.5   b

my code

df$C1<- with(df, paste0(C1,'\n', C2))


kbl(df,booktabs = T,longtable = T,align = c("c", "c", "c", "c")) %>%
kable_styling(latex_options = c("repeat_header"),bootstrap_options = "bordered",font_size = 7,full_width = F)%>%
  column_spec(1, width = "8cm")%>%
  column_spec(2:4, width = "2.25cm")

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