How to connect shiny with vuejs

I want to connect vue js with shiny. There are a couple of questions I have.

  1. Can I remove bootstrap and jquery from static files

  2. How can I integrate them

  3. Will it improve speed or not

Shiny depends on jQuery, so it's not possible to remove it, but you don't strictly need Bootstrap. You may want to investigate HTML templates as a way to create Shiny apps without Bootstrap.

A quick Google search turns up a few people who have experimented with Shiny and Vue.js. Personally, I've bookmarked this thorough post by Jaehyeon Kim as it covers quite a lot of ground.

You might also be interested in the ongoing work to integrate React.js and Shiny. A good introduction to this community is Alan Dipert's talk at rstudio::conf 2019 Integrating React.js and Shiny.


Thanks for the reply. I will surely look into these links.

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