How to create a stacked bar graph with patterns rather than colors

hi,I want to create a stacked bar graph which has textures as fill(e.g diagonal lines,circles etc).
Most suggestions on stackover flow involves creating very long functions.
Is there a way to do this in a simpler way and within ggplot package

Try this:

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thanks martin but options provided here do not include stacked bar graphs


# create a dataset
specie <- c(rep("sorgho" , 3) , rep("poacee" , 3) , rep("banana" , 3) , rep("triticum" , 3) )
condition <- rep(c("normal" , "stress" , "Nitrogen") , 4)
value <- abs(rnorm(12 , 0 , 15))
data <- data.frame(specie,condition,value)

# Grouped
ggplot(data, aes(fill=condition, y=value, x=specie)) + 


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