How to disable code diagnostics on source

I am translating some code from VBA to R. I have pasted quite of bit of VBA code into my script and I am working on converting it to R. I want to source the script up to where I have placed a stop(). However RStudio insists on checking my entire script for syntax errors before starting. Because there are lots of syntax errors further down, it refuses to source the script.

How can I disable code diagnostics prior to sourcing the script? Thanks.

# I want to source this script

print("print it works!")


Some_old_VBA_code = that_I_am_translating _
                     + 1

I think you may be misattributing the behaviour to RStudio, when its a documented aspect of the source() function:

Since the complete file is parsed before any of it is run, syntax errors result in none of the code being run

Given that the case I have two possible suggestions for you.

  1. instead of placing stop() as a way to limit the extent of the code that is run, use the # comment to comment out and supress the rest of the file instead.
  2. alternatively write your own function that reads an R file as text, looking for a keyword on each line (i.e. _my_stop_ ) and when this is found, write out a new file to a tempfile which is the original file only up to your stop, and then have your function call source on that ...

i.e. suggestion 2 is to automate suggestion 1

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Ah thanks. I looked in the source() function hoping to find an option to turn it off but no dice.

Thanks for the suggestions.