How to export all the output in R Studio to a document at once

Being relatively new to R,I want to export all the results of my calculations and operations performed i.e output of mathematical functions,graphs/plots etc onto a word/pdf/excel etc at once instead of doing it one by one.Also,is there any way to display all the results/outputs in a browser.Can you please help regarding the same.

You should check out R Markdown. You can create Word, PDF or HTML documents with what are called code chunks in them. This site introduced then and has some tutorials

For table output going to Excel, look at the openxlsx packafe

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Thanks for the response.Also is it possible to display the outputs in a web browser using r markdown or some other way.

I think that @StatSteph is right in that using R Markdown is the easiest way to handle these inputs and outputs. A way to start this is by using File | New File | R Notebook .
Using the knitr button is then enough to produce an html file that can be displayed in any browser (but also can be converted to pdf or word).

However this assumes that you know from the start that you want to save all outputs from the analysis you are going to do. This will only be the case when you work more structured than I do.

In my case I have a RStudio session with a lot of trial and error and 'improved' code.
To extract the elements that finally appear to be of value you can copy parts of the history panel into the new Notebook file. (Do not forget to copy also the library statements.) And if that compiles correctly and with the expected output you can be sure that all code was copied because the Notebook will run in its own environment.

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