How to incorporate data as part of the app on shiny io

I have a data file created by myself that is used by my shiny app. It is stored in the same directory of ui and server files. After I deployed the app, the data file doesn't seem to be there and this creates a problem/error for my app (it disconnects) Could anyone please tell me how to incorporate a data file as a part of the app on shiny io? It works on my local computer because the data is there.

what type of data file is this? csv?

It is an rds file I created for the app to use.

readRDS("xxxx.RDS"). Put if after loading libraries

I think the problem is the data I try to upload is too large. I am on the free plan now. Does it have a limit on how large the data uploaded can be?

The data I tried to upload is about 8Mb. It fails every time I upload the file and it is never upload fully. When I upload a smaller file, it doesn't have a problem. Is there a way to increase the memory of the shiny io?

I have not encountered this problem before. But did you try to put the file in github and try to link it to your app?

No haven't tried that. I have all my files in github though. Does that work if the memory is the problem?

i am not sure but it is worth to try