How to interpret a heatmap with R that has been scaled by column?


Question: I have been told to scale either by column or row using the heatmap () function, what does it mean for the interpretation side of the heatmap if you scale by column or if you scale by row?

How would the variables on this heatmap be interpreted? I think red is supposed to be high and yellow/white is supposed to be low. I am actually not sure of the colour indications as well as no scale is provided.

Here is my code: heatmap(data2, Rowv=NA,Colv=NA,scale="column", cexCol=1, cexRow=1, col=heat.colors(10,alpha=1))
please let me know what the colours indicate. As I don't know if red indicates a good thing or a bad thing for that variable.

Also from which side are we supposed to read the heatmap? I don't understand how to interpret the different variables and the relationships between them. Please provide me with an example if you understand how to interpret it. See attached photo.

The heatmap in the photo has been scaled by column but please let me know if scaling by row is better. The dataset discusses football positions on columns side and performance measures on rows side.


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