How to make a table of means plus/minus standar errors and other functions - Table Contest Submission

How to make a table of means plus/minus standar errors and other functions

Authors: Eric Smith, Byron Smith
Affiliations: Virginia Tech, Mayo Clinic

Abstract: This example shows how to make a scientific table with means plus or minus standard errors. The example includes other functions such as mean and standard deviations and mean with range. The table produces is similar to one that was published in a recent ecological journal. This submisson updates an original submission adding two additional functions.

Full Description: Scientific publications often summarize data with a table or figure that includes means and standard errors (or standard deviations). In addition these tables may have other features including some calculated values, indentations, missing cells, etc. This example shows how to create a table using kableExtra in which variables are columns and rows correspond to treatment levels. Exporting the table to excel or word is also discussed. The table is similar to table 6 in Wilson, Salinity pulses interact with seasonal dry-down to increase ecosystem carbon loss in marshes in Florida Everglades, Ecological Applications 2018, 2092-2108. The data may be accessed through a web link. Links are given to the Rmd file and the resulting html file.

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