How to prevent Rstudio Server from saving its configuration to mounted volume

I'm playing around with rocker images. A main issue I have is that I don't like RStudio's settings with regards to saving workspace on exit, showing the command history and so on. I'm mounting my git base where I keep several repositories to /home/rstudio and have the -rm option in the docker run command.

RStudio creates a .rstudio folder and stores settings in .rstudio/monitored/user-settings/user-settings

I either want RStudio to not do that or ideally to pipe in a custom user-settings file on every startup. What's a good way to approach this? Thanks in advance!

In RStudio v1.3 (not yet released), it will be possible to customize RStudio's preferences:

Note that while this documentation pertains to RStudio Server Pro, the same will hold true for the open source RStudio products.