How to publish from rmarkdown to wordpress

Any other ways of publishing to WP than via "RWordPress" package and blogdown/Hugo platforms?

I already have my WP site running ( and would like to use it for publishing from Rmarkdown.

I do not see any "great" alternative, and I'm thinking of opening a GitHug page. I could then use my WP articles to "support" my GH articles in the sense that the WP articles could contain the detailed wording and the GH articles the coding linking between the related articles.

Thanks for your advice.

I know of this other project.

There is also this one already on CRAN

Maybe you can contribute to one of them if you find it useful ?

Thank you so much, Christopher! Compared to the two alternatives I prefer the use of two sites (the wp for the detalles storytelling and the GitHub site for the publishing of coding). Thanks for any comments on this.

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