How to refer to the same footnote twice in R markdown

As the title says. Is there any way to refer to the same footnote twice (or more) without creating duplicate footnotes? For example, this R markdown code creates duplicate footnotes with the same content. I want to merge it into one. How can I do it?

First part of the document^[same footnote]

Second part of the document^[same footnote]

You can write footnotes different ways, one of them is to number them which ease the reference

See Pandoc - Pandoc User’s Guide

This is what the visual editor uses. See Visual R Markdown

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Tried this one, but it still creates duplicate footnotes. Below is an example R markdown script for illustration.

title: "Title"
output: html_document

First part[^1]

Second part[^1]

Third part[^2]

Fourth part[^2]

[^1]: first footnote

[^2]: second footnote

Oh ok. It does not work as I expected.

It seems it is expected and Pandoc works this way since a long time.

There is a new issue you can follow if this evolves in the future

Rmarkdown currently depends on Pandoc for this.

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Thank you for pointing me to that issue. Hope this is fixed soon.

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