How to upload csv files to R Studio Community when asking a question?

How to upload csv files to R Studio Community when asking a question? It is required for the algorithm I have a question about, which is using a readr command to read the contents. The upload button does not work on csv files.

In the past, I have just copied the content, put it in the post as well and told the readers to copy it into any editor. Now, however, since it is a complex question about AI and I want to get to the error code in question, I do need to make sure that the AI does not complain about something different before, and thus I need much more data than only a few rows. I have decided that 300 data rows are sufficient and still the program terminates very quickly. Copy-Pasting those 300 rows would be inconvenient, however. Is there any other way?

The preferred way would be to provide a link to your csv file, ideally, whiting the context of a reproducible example (i.e. Including the code to download and read your file into your reprex).

Thank you for your answer!
Do you mean I should upload the csv file to a service such as dropbox and then paste the link? Is there a particular service for this that is established among the R Studio Community?

That would be acceptable, although, as I said, it would be better if you integrate it as part of a reproducible example.

Not really, but since a lot of people here use GitHub, that is a popular option for sharing csv files

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