How to use the development version of Quarto in Rstudio

I've been using Quarto and Rsudio and I wanted to try upgrading to the development version of Quarto. To do that I cloned the development version of quarto to my PC using the instructions found on their github. This results in me having two version of quarto. The original under "C:\Users\socce\AppData\Local\Programs\Quarto" and the new development version under "C:\Users\socce\quarto-cli". To get Rstudio to detect the new version of Quarto I edited my .R_environ file to say QUARTO_PATH= "C:\Users\socce\quarto-cli\package\scripts\windows\quarto.cmd" and deleted the original Quarto files under "C:\Users\socce\AppData\Local\Programs\Quarto". When I open Rstudio quarto::quarto_path() indicates that the path has been changed; however, cross-referencing and other Quarto features do not function so I suspect I have set this up incorrectly. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this?

These are the instruction

You need to clone, and then configure the new version (using ./configure-windows.bat in your case)

Then you need to add in your PATH so that it gets picked up by RStudio.

However, you may be interesting in only using the last bundled release, not the last development version from main branch. Release are built several times per day currently.

You can get a windows version there, and use that one to get latest feature.

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