How to use the same app instance (live message board) by many people?

How can I allow multiple users to access one instance of a shiny app?

I have created a live message board that can be accessed via QR code. The idea is that a conference audience can scan the code and post questions to the speaker. Therefore it would be essential that all posted questions appear in the same list, projected to the screen. Currently, every new device I use creates its own app instance.

The app can be found here:

PS: the wordcloud functionality also does not work yet, although the package is installed properly remotely. Locally all works fine. The log file (remote) also does not show any indications of issues. So if anyone can point at "next steps" to investigate why this fails, that would be great. The error message is now really insightful:

An error has occurred. Check your logs or contact the app author for clarification

Thanks in advance,


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