How to write the equations in R

I would like to ask how I can write the following equations in rstudio.

I think you would use MathJax

Is your question "how do I write these equations as R code?" or "How do I write and render these equations as they appear in the image?"

I want Rstudio code to compute these equations

How much R do you know ?
Can you write a function?
Are you familiar with loops?

Also, do you understand what these equations say to do ? Understanding of the equations will be important if you were to program them in R.

Please explain what the I(y = 0) means.

It means the sum of zeros in the data set

I'll do equations 1 and 2. In equation 2, for some reason this system is omitting some of my asterisks. In equation 3, I don't know what pi_o is.

# given data -  I just made up this data
y <- c(1,2,0,4,5,0)  
lambda <- 5
theta <- 2

# preliminary calculations
n_o <- length(which(y == 0))
A <- sum(y)
n <- length(y)

# equations
f1 <- -n + lambda + A*log(lambda) - sum(log(factorial(y)))
f2 <- n_o + log(pi + (1 - pi)*exp(-theta)) + (n - n_o)*log(1 - pi) - (n - n_o)* theta + A*log(theta) - sum(log(factorial(y)))

Let me add one very small twist to @fcas80's solution. Rather than log(factorial(y)) use lfactorial(y). The reason is that for values of y around 200 or larger, factorial explodes (returns Inf) where lfactorial works okay.

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