Hugo post directory appearing but not posts

For my blogdown-created website (using the Xmin theme), the posts directory - from which I can view individual posts - appears on the homepage, instead of individual posts.


This seemed to happen after updating to the lastest version of Hugo. The source for my website is here. I'm a bit puzzled about what to do: do you have any advice?

this may have something to do with your

post = "/post/:year/:month/:day/:slug/"

you are telling your .yoml file to render posts on the front page with a hyperlink.

Perhaps removing

/post or /post/

will render your posts in the front page. What about having a "post" header button next to your CV?

Good luck. I will have to read your data science in education book. Looks like you did a lot of great work with some great people. Cheers

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Thanks sir! That didn't seem to do it, but, it seems like xmin was updated to address this at some pont - and that seemed to do it. Thanks again

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