hugo-tranquilpeak-theme with blogdown does not render in rstudio nor on Netlify

When using hugo-tranquilpeak-theme, blogdown does not render in rstudio nor on Netlify.
This is how it looks like:

The same happens for other hugo themes like hugo-future-imperfect.
What should be done to fix it?

The code is available here:

and here there is the page where it is deployed:

This issue was crossposted at For future reference, it's preferable to ask questions such as these here on where the community offers advice and answers questions about package use. If you identify a bug with blogdown through this conversation, then open an issue at the source repository. At a minimum, whenever you crosspost, please reference the other locations where you have asked your question.

Here's the answer I left on the GitHub issue. The issue is likely a misconfiguration of baseURL in your config.toml. You can learn more about this parameter in the Configuration - Options section of the blogdown book.

  • baseURL: Normally you have to change the value of this option to the base URL of your website. Some Hugo themes may have it set to or in their example sites, but please make sure to replace them with your own URL (see Chapter 3 and Appendix C for more information on publishing websites and obtaining domain names). Note that this option can be a URL with a subpath, if your website is to be published under a subpath of a domain name, e.g.,
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My experience with blogdown has been such that it is strongly advisable to read all the documentation upfront. There isn't much of it, and you'll pick up on a few things along the way, and most likely see the root of your problem.

I recall having the exact same issue, and sure I had it because I didn't read the documentation.

In print the blogdown book is 144 pages…

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Good point!
My bad! I actually meant the main portion of it, Chapter 1 I guess it is...
Upon looking through the book now, I think chapters 1 and 2 are crucial (some sections of chapter 2 may be skipped if not applicable), and there doesn't seem to be a lot of text in there.

2.5 has quite a bit…

I'm coming to Yihui's defense here (unbidden). He has written pretty extensively about the effort he puts into documentation* (not to mention all the documentation itself — literally books worth :slightly_smiling_face:). Boiling that down to there being "not much of it" seems both inaccurate, and a bit unkind.

* No single post comes to mind, but see here, for example.

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There was certainly no intention on my part to undermine Yihui's work and effort.
I assume the main issue you are having with my statement is with "there isn't much of it" phrase. So, I guess I must elaborate.

I only meant that the core crucial documentation of the blogdown guide is concise enough to be read attentively in one sitting. This isn't to say that the documentation is sparse or limited. On the contrary: it contains everything one needs to know, and it doesn't take as much space as one would expect (we're talking about deploying a static website from scratch with no prior knowledge. Brick-sized books are usually dedicated to this. Even the full guide in 144 pages is pretty concise for a task like this, in my mind. Especially since it covers everything necessary)

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That makes total sense. I misread it — my bad, sorry! :confused:

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Thanks for all the replies and suggestions

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@enric I'm surprised you have this problem with the Future Imperfect theme, I have used this theme very recently for teaching and the example site works "out of the box":

A few more thoughts

  • have you set up your config.toml according to what the theme requires? I've had the behavior when I mindlessly dragged the old config.toml from the old theme into the new theme.
  • have you messed with any of the files you weren't supposed to? :wink: Any defaults, any indexes, anything of that kind? Been there, done that, learned from it :blush:

I already solved the issue

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as suggested by @grrrck the solution was to fill up the field baseURL with the address of the website

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