Hybridizing "Basic DataTable" and Data Explorer in "SuperZip example"

Hi All,

I really like the feature in the Shiny SuperZip example which filters "Cities" and "ZipCode" based on previous selection preventing there from being "No data available in the table".

How can I replicate this feature in the "Basic DataTable" example?

To reiterate what I'm asking I'll use an example:

On the "Basic DataTable" if you select "dodge" as the manufacturer it is still possible to select "auto(av)" transmission despite the fact there are no dodge vehicles with auto(av) transmission. I would like the drop down box feature to remove options where there is no data, as it does in the "SuperZip example"

Thanks in advance!

Hi Alex, Welcome!
Could you please rephrase this as a reproducible example? If you never heard of it before, here is how to do it

The references to "SuperZip" and "Basic DataTable" examples are not clear enough for helpers to be able to help you.

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