I cannot scroll to last lines of source of Source Pane

I am using Version 1.3.842 on Windows 10. When I scroll through my source in the Source pane, I cannot reach the last lines of the source in Rmd files. Some examples of how far I can see:
6608 lines of 6632 total lines (RMD file)
519 of 525 lines (RMD file)
212 of 212 lines (R file)

It does not matter if the console pane (below Source) is minimized or not.

Does anyone else have a similar problem? Ideas about how to fix this issue?

I've experienced this a couple of times as well. As I recall, it usually happens when the horizontal scroll bar appears. This happens when you have long lines of code that extend off to the right of the viewing pane.

I don't know if there's a setting in RStudio to prevent that, or if it's just a frustrating user experience thing. I try to circumvent it by writing more line breaks in my code (as a rule, if my code extends more than 80 characters on a line, I try to break it into multiple lines)

Thank you for your reply and your suggestion. It did not help in this instance, but I just updated to Version 1.3.869 and the problem seems to be gone.

So Version 1.3.869 is the answer :slight_smile:

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