I can't connect RStudio with MySQL

I can't connect a MySQL database with RStudio ... I have attached the code. I also made the connection with the ODBC connector on the pc.

con <-odbcConnect("MySQLConnection2", uid="root", pwd="mineria1234*",dbname="empleados",host="localhost")
mysqltable <-sqlQuery(con,"SELECT*FROM new_table")

Can you show the error message you are getting? Also, RMySQL is being deprecated in favor of RMariaDB

...Hi Andres, thank you very much for answering. I didn't know about MySQL, would it be replaced by RMariaDB? Look Andrés, I changed the version of RStudio (to the previous one to the current one) and so far it is running well ...

The RMySQL package is not under active development anymore because RMariaDB is intended to be its replacement, this is from the official GitHub repository:

NOTE: this package is being phased out in favor of the new RMariaDB package.

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