I don't want **columnnames / rownames to be repeated** in RpivotTable output when exported to csv/excel?



Guys when i download RpivotTable output to csv/excel, i get repetition of labels (rownames / columnnames) automatically which are wrongly printed, I don't require the repetition of labels.
I want the exported data to be shown as it is in RpivotTable. I have somehow managed to do so. But there is a problem in content part of downloadhandler. I would really appreciate if someone could guide me.
Also posted on stackoverflow, till now no answer received on both platforms.


**My codes:**

   # rPivotTable allows you to incorporate some custom javascript functions. 
    In this case, we capture the HTML table that it displays anytime a change 
    is made to the rPivotTable object
    # We 'scrape' the HTML table using the rvest library and convert it into a 
    reactive. Specifically we use an eventReactive that triggers anytime the 
    rPivotTable object changes
    # We use shiny's download handler to download the pivoted table

    # consider using tidyverse library call to get dplyr, readr and rvest
    # library(tidyverse)
    # need rvest to be able to 'scrape' rPivotTable
    # library(openxlsx)
    # I really like how lightweight and versatile writexl is
    # need JS functionality in htmlwidgets

    ui = fluidPage(
    # for the purposes of this exercise, I'm only including csv and xlsx to 
    simplify the download logic
    # but you could certainly add more format options
    radioButtons(inputId = "format", label = "Enter the format to download", 
               choices = c( "excel"), inline = TRUE, selected = "csv"),
    downloadButton(outputId = "download_pivot"),

    server = function (input, output) { 
    output$pivot <- renderRpivotTable(
    rpivotTable(Titanic, rows = c("Class","Sex"), cols = c("Survived"), vals =  
    "Freq", aggregatorName = "Count",
                rendererName = "Table", width="50%", height="550px",
                onRefresh = htmlwidgets::JS(
                  "function(config) {
    # create an eventReactive dataframe that regenerates anytime the pivot 
    object changes
    # wrapped in a tryCatch to only return table object. errors out when 
    charts are shown
    pivot_tbl <- eventReactive(input$pivot, {
      input$pivot %>%
        read_html %>%
        html_table(fill = TRUE) %>%
    }, error = function(e) {
    }) })
    # allow the user to download once the pivot_tbl object is available
    if (is.data.frame(pivot_tbl()) && nrow(pivot_tbl()) > 0) {
    } else {
    # using shiny's download handler to get the data output
    output$download_pivot <- downloadHandler(
    filename = function() {
      if (input$format == "excel") {
    content = function(file) {
    if (input$format == "excel") {
        #writexl::write_xlsx(pivot_tbl(), path = file)
      writePvt2Xlsx <- function(cols = c("Class","Sex", "Age"),
                                rows = "Survived",
                                URL = "C:/Users/Saad/Documents/titanic.html",
                                outFile) {
        if (missing(outFile)) {
          outFile <- gsub('.html', "", basename(URL), ignore.case=TRUE)
          outFile <- paste0(outFile, ".xlsx")    
        res <- htmltab(doc = URL, headerSep = " >> ",
                       which = 2, rm_nodata_cols = FALSE)
        ## Remove Totals duplicate in last row
        #res[nrow(res), 1:(length(rows)-1)] <- NA
        df <- data.frame(x = names(res))
        if (!is.null(cols)) {
          df <- df %>% separate(x, cols, sep = " >> ", fill = "left")
        ## Create a new workbook
        wb <- createWorkbook()
        ## Add a worksheet
        addWorksheet(wb, "Sheet 1")
        ## Write data
        writeData(wb, "Sheet 1", t(df), colNames = FALSE, rowNames = FALSE)
        writeData(wb, "Sheet 1", res, startRow = ncol(df) + 1, colNames = 
    FALSE, rowNames = FALSE)
        # Remove dulicate rows
        if(!is.null(rows) & !is.null(cols)) {
          for (i in ncol(df) + 1:nrow(res)) mergeCells(wb, "Sheet 1", cols = 
    length(rows):(length(rows) + 1), rows = i)
        # Merge dulicate row names 
        if (length(rows) > 1) {
          for (rowth in 1:(length(rows) - 1)) {
            rowvar <- rows[rowth] 
            res2 <- unite_(res, rowvar, rows[1:rowth], sep = " >> ")
            tar <- res2[, rowvar]
            for (levelth in levels(as.factor(tar))) {
              mergeCells(wb, "Sheet 1", cols = rowth, rows = ncol(df) + 
    which(tar %in% levelth))
        # Merge duplicate column names
        if (length(cols) > 1) {
          for (colth in 1:(length(cols) - 1)) {
            colvar <- cols[colth]
            df2 <- unite_(df, colvar, cols[1:colth], sep = " >> ")
            tar <- df2[, colvar]
            varlevel <- levels(as.factor(tar)) 
    [!str_detect(levels(as.factor(tar)), "NA")]
            for (levelth in varlevel) {
              #tar <- df[, colth]
              mergeCells(wb, "Sheet 1", cols = which(tar %in% levelth), rows = 
        ## Save workbook
        saveWorkbook(wb, outFile, overwrite = TRUE)

    shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

Is it possible to **Repeat all item labels** in *tabular form layout* of RpivotTable output?

Hi @Saad ,

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hi, yes i asked this question before but someone from your website put some privacy on it because of which i had to post it again.


Please modify your original post to mention that this is cross posted on StackOverflow. Otherwise people may spend time answering on both forums, which is unproductive


I mentioned cross posted in my very previous post which was exactly similar, but it was either deleted or closed by someone from your team saying that 'i'm violating some policy of your website', due to which i didn't mention the cross posted thing on this post.
However i haven't received a solution on either platform, so it won't be that useful to mention cross posted thing