I need help I do not understand R first time coding.

It’s my first time using R and I am confuse I do not know how to use R please help.

Book: R 4 data science (free)
Website: datacamp.com (paid, best money you'll spend)

R hands down is my favorite language, but here is some advice I would have wished to have early on. I wish I would have read Hadley's book above much earlier than I did; it is very insightful and useful. I was able to get off of SAS and delivering projects at work in less than 6 months with data camp. It's the fastest way you will learn R. You don't even need to know how to install R and Rstudio, although that is really simple.

Good luck, and welcome to R!

You should still expect challenges when using R on your machine as there is a learning curve with everything.

Also, please read this guide about how to properly ask R related questions here:

Here is a starting point:
RStudio Education

Btw, I would personally not touch datacamp.

All of the books at this link are good. They are free. They were even produced in R! Try starting with "Hands-On Programming with R" by Garrett Grolemund. https://bookdown.org

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