I need help, I have a question with doubleYScale

Hi, I'm very new to R.
I need help.
I want the first graph to look the same as the second graph.
These are my codes.

Code #1


obj1 <- xyplot(BLAmountFinished ~ Lotname, dataset, type = "l", lwd=2)
obj2 <- xyplot(BLScrap ~ Lotname, dataset, type = "l", lwd=2)

doubleYScale(obj1, obj2, text = c("obj1", "obj2") , add.ylab2 = TRUE)

Code #2


# create data
x <- 1:100
var1 <- cumsum(rnorm(100))
var2 <- var1^2
data <- data.frame(x,var1,var2)

# --> construct separate plots for each series
obj1 <- xyplot(var1 ~ x, data, type = "l" , lwd=2)
obj2 <- xyplot(var2 ~ x, data, type = "l", lwd=2)

# --> Make the plot with second y axis AND legend:
doubleYScale(obj1, obj2, text = c("obj1", "obj2") , add.ylab2 = TRUE)

What am I doing?

To help us help you, could you please turn this into a proper reproducible example (reprex) illustrating your issue, including sample data on a copy/paste friendly format? Please have a look at this guide, to see how to create one:

It looks like Lotname is a factor, and the plot is ordered by the factor index. Try changing Lotname to character.

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