I need help with setting up R germinationmetrics package using multi factors, can anyone help me?

We conducted an experiment to test single and mixed effects of heat & drought stress on Canola.

Here is an overview:

We had 16 treatments (4temperature, 2drought, 2* stress timing) --> 16 tt

We had eight plants per treatment, which we assessed on the level of four branches (1, 2, 3, and rest) --> 16 tt * 4 branches.

We planted seeds in Petry dishes every dish had 1 g of seeds. We started to account for germinated seeds after 12 hours of planting and removing germinated seeds; we accounted for seeds after 12h, 14h,16h, 18h, 20h, 24h, 36 h,38h, and 40h. so we have a gap in data during the night

Unfortunately, we did not use the same total seeds number.

when we tried to apply the four-parameter hill function

FourPHFfit(germ.counts = y, intervals = int, total.seeds = 50, tmax = 20, partial = FALSE)

we faced some problems

  1. How can we add our data to this function and fit it to our four factors? In the R script, I just added x and y as:

x <- data_frame1$Hour

y <- data_frame1$AGP

  1. How can we insert time replication?

  2. And how can we insert total seeds as a column, not as an individual value?

Thank you in advance



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