I want to understand what tidyposterior perf_mod is doing.

I want to understand what tidyposterior perf_mod() is doing.

I started learning Bayesian after visiting this site. https://tidyposterior.tidymodels.org/articles/Different_Bayesian_Models.html

I don't know why Bayesian posterior distribution is updated.

 gamma_model <- perf_mod(rmses, family = Gamma(), seed = 74)

Is there an easy way to understand what we are doing with this code?

You are going to update the prior distribution to fit the "data and the value of rmse", right?

I'm not sure what search terms would help me understand what I'm running with the above code, so I asked the question.
It would be nice to have a video or picture that gently explains things.

Outside of the package vignettes, Tidy Modeling with R has a chapter that describes it.

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Thanks for your comment.
I actually checked the site "tidy model with R" as well and didn't understand it, so I went to see the details above.
I still couldn't figure it out.

Here is a talk on the subject.

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