IDE is tiny, only takes up lower left quadrant of window



On my MacBook running macOS 10.13.6, when RStudio preview 1.2.981 is started on my external monitor, is shows up like this:

Zooming in or out only affects the tiny IDE-in-the-window. When I drag the window to the MacBook's internal screen, it looks ok again. It remains normal-looking when I then drag it back to the external monitor. This problem not occur with RStudio preview 1.2.907.

The internal display is a 2560x1600 13" Retina display, while the external monitor is a 3780x2160 43" screen (non-Retina).


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There’s been some previous reports of various problems with HiDPI secondary monitors. For example:

Better support for HiDPI monitors is apparently a goal for the 1.2 release — so to double check, you are saying that this is not a problem when running the 1.2 Preview? What version of RStudio are you running where it is a problem?

(If it’s not a problem in Preview release, is there a reason that you can’t run that release day-to-day?)


It is a problem with preview version 1.2.981. It was not a problem with the previous 1.2 preview versions, such as 1.2.907. I do run the preview version day to day, but have downgraded from 1.2.981 to 1.2.907 because of the problem I described.


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There's a candidate fix for this coming in the next daily builds.

UI starts in a quarter of the window (1.2 daily)

I am also having this same issue.