If I wanted to start teaching 50+ students with RStudio but am not affiliated with any given organization or school, what would be my best purchase: Premium?

I'm currently planning to run a small data science learning center and will require RStudio for my students. I plan to have hopefully near 100 students, and would benefit from multiple RStudio accounts. However, I am not affiliated with any university or school, which prevents me from purchasing the Instructor plan.

This poses the following questions: What does the Premium plan consist of, could I have one Premium account for all of my students (and why or why not), and what are some recommended options?

Thank you!

Hey Randy- Great question, I work on the RStudio Cloud team so happy to clarify. The premium plan offers the same capabilities as the instructor plan it just does not have the same discount as a degree-granting institution gets with the instructor plan. Yes, you could have one premium account for all students just note there is a monthly overage fee of 20 cents per hour for usage north of 160 hours. We also offer discounts for certain types of non-profits and small/medium businesses if annual revenue for the legal entity is under $1M or $5M USD. Please let me know if you believe you qualify for those other discounts. My email is pete@rstudio.com. If you prefer to pay upfront and avoid overage fees I can clarify those costs as well.

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