I'm seeking help for set of R codes/scripts to run a mixed effects models with three predictor variables.

I wanted to run a mixed-effects model. I have data collected from two groups on performing a computer-based learning task. I have reaction time scores for two types of sequence learning conditions where each condition is repeated 7 times.
In short:
Groups= 2 (btw subj variable)
Learning conditions = 2 sequences (within-subject variable)
Learning block s = 7 blocks (within-subject variable)
Depended variable = Reaction time scores for each learning block.

I wanted to test the effect of the groups and the learning conditions on the test scores(RT). I want to control for individual subject variables and the age effects.
I have prepared a data-sheet in a long format and loaded lmer packages on R-studio
Here is the data sample.

I need help to proceed further. Any codes /scripts/links that are available for such kind of data analysis with similar levels of variables and conditions would be helpful.

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