Important Changes related to R Sessions in RStudio Projects

As part of the roll out of collaborative editing, the RStudio Cloud team changed the way user files are stored within projects. Specifically, each user that opens a project will be provided with their own private home directory, as well as their own R session state. This was necessary to support multi-user collaborative editing, as well as to enhance the security of user-specific files.

If collaborative editing is enabled, all collaborators on a project will continue to have access to files in the project directory. However, each user will now have their own R session data, which includes console and R command histories and R environment state. As a consequence of this change, Admins or Moderators opening projects belonging to another user in a space will not see the session data from that user.

If collaborative editing is not enabled, users accessing the project will see the same behavior as before. Only a single user can access a project at a time, and all users share the same R session, home directory, history, and environment.

The RStudio Cloud team

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