imported csv file gives error message with read_csv.

While working on RStudio Cloud / chunk 9, I am getting the below error message. What am I doing wrong? I hope this background info is sufficient.
Thank you in advance.


> max_preview_own <- read_csv("max_preview.csv")
Error: 'max_preview.csv' does not exist in current working directory ('/cloud/project').

If you are having trouble with a specific project, be sure to include the URL of your project.

Be careful about sharing any private data or personally identifying information in the projects you make public.

getwd() to check your current working directory.

You need to change to the directory the file is in. Click the ellipsis (..) on the right side of the files pane, go to the directory with the file in it, click open. Click on the cog icon in the files pane, click on Set As Working Directory. Try to read in your csv now.

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Thank you very much. It worked.

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