In Windows 10 Home (32 bits) not run properly RStudio 1.1.463

In Windows 10 Home (32 bits) not run properly RStudio 1.1.463

My system have a procesor x86 (OS 32 bits)
OS: Windows 10 Home version 1803
R i386 3.5.3
RStudio Desktop 1.1.463

When I Run Diagnostic:

Finaly: RStudio Desktop 1.2.1335 is not compatyble with my Windows version

Run Diagnostic hard-copy:

Continuing whith R Message windows in previus post

Copying R-3.5.3 in C:\Program Files\RStudio\R

RStudio Desktop 1.1.423 not run in my Windows system
I am forced to abandon my training in Data Scientist's Toolbox :(:disappointed_relieved:

I'm sorry you are having this problem but abandoning your training is not mandatory, there are other options.
You can use RStudio Cloud for free, you can also setup your own rstudio server instance on a cloud service for free, you can install RStudio in your local system running on a docker container, etc.

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Thak you very much Andres. Very goods options
I'm going try RStudio Cloud
Best regards

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