Include and run different scripts in one RStudio script


I am looking for an example on how to include and run different scripts in one RStudio script.

For example I have two separate scripts: Tes1.R and Test2.R
The idea is then to have a master RStudio file where I include and run the previous scripts in a sequence:

I have seen that a similar question was raised in past discussion but not specifically referring to RStudio. A simple exemple to start with would be really helpful to me.

You can use R's source() command to do this. Create a main.R file and inside it, run the other two scripts:


Docs: source function - RDocumentation

Thank you. This is what i already tried to but encountered errors. However If i run the script directly I have no issues. Please see below:


Returned this error:

Error in source("M:\Org\BLW_3210_INTERN\R\Prices_P2\WORLD_prices_1_toa.R") :
M:\Org\BLW_3210_INTERN\R\Prices_P2\WORLD_prices_1_toa.R:9:12: unexpected input
8: skip = 19) %>%
9: select(Wä

these glyphs stand out to me that its likely a source encoding issue,
perhaps browse this thread and consider some of the suggestions
How to source() .R file saved using UTF-8 encoding? - Stack Overflow

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