Increase toc depth and insert pagebreak after TOC when having "documentclass: article"

I am writing my master thesis with bookdown, and finally realized that I can include an Abstract if I set "documentclass: article".
This is great news, however I now have two issues.

  1. Before i could set "toc-depth: 2" to decide the depth of my TOC. This doesn't seem to be working when i have documentclass as article instead of book. Does anyone know if it is doable to change toc-depth having documentclass as article?

  2. I really want my first chapter to begin on a new page, and not the same page as my TOC. Is there a way to set a pagebreak after the TOC, to make sure Chapter 1 will begin on it's own page?

Below is my YAML section from the index.Rmd file.

abstract: "In this paper, you find my abstract."
documentclass: article
classoption: oneside
bibliography: ["one.bib"]
biblio-style: "apalike"
link-citations: yes
toc-depth: 2
site: bookdown::bookdown_site
    keep_tex: yes
description: Master Thesis
urlcolor: blue
- \pagebreak
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