Infinite loop when authenticate with Github

After clearing the cookies in Chrome and tries to login with Github. When jump back from Github to RStudio Cloud, the login page would just show "Loading...." and falls into an infinite loop that keeps redirecting itself.

Version: Chrome 79
Disabled all extenations with no luck, can only be solved by resetting Chrome or incognito mode

Hi @tkamb,

I'm sorry you're having problems with the login! Without more information it will be hard to diagnose what's going on. Can you try again with Developer tools open? Screenshot and paste any errors in the console tab, and the output from the network tab please!

If you are on chrome, you can open the developer tools by going to the View menu -> Developer -> Developer Tools.

Thanks in advance!

-Joshua C. Forest

Hi, I was able to reproduce the issue by first clearing the cookies then reload the website. I didn't see any warning from the console.


Hi @tkamb,

Can you give us some more details? What OS are you running? What exact chrome version? (all the minor versions etc). So far, I've been unable to replicate this behavior, can you try disabling all your chrome plugins, just to remove some more variables?

For reference, I'm on a Mac, running Version 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Thanks in advance!

-Joshua C. Forest

@tkamb , a couple of things I forgot!

First, thank you so much for the videos! Those are a great help!
Second, what was it you meant in your first post by "Resetting Chrome" to get to work?

Thanks again,



Are you running any type of Ad Blocker? Or some other plugin that could be interfering with RStudio Cloud?


Another suggestion: Would you mind capturing a HAR file while you reproduce the problem? Instructions for capturing can be found here. NOTE: PLEASE send the HAR file via a direct message to me (@andy_kipp). The reason is that it may contain sensitive information.

Hi @andy_kipp,

I am running Windows 10 1909 Build 18363.592. My verison is Google Chrome Version 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit), and the same issue also happens on Microsoft Edge Legacy.
I captured the HAR file with all the extenation off and still able to reproduce the issue. However it seems I can't create a new DM to you since I am a new user. Would you mind sending me a DM?

Thank you

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