Insert logo in my shiny app

hello Community , i have a question about shiny , i would to insert the logo of my company into my shiny app, so i used this :
Code :
titlePanel(title = span(img(src = "R.png", height = 35), "CODIMAG")),

and i have this result, i want to know how i can resolve this problem

R.png should be in your www/ folder , is it ?

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yes it is in the same folder with the program

I'm confused by your answer.
My point was that the shiny app folder should contain a www folder within it.

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no I thought that the image that must be. what is the folder www/ I don't know in fact ?

its a folder you need to have in which to put resources that you want shiny to see when you do img(src =
The reason is that your working directory or shiny project directory is not the assumed path for this, rather a resource path is assumed, and shiny will assume this is called www within your project

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i did that, it's working very well, thank you very much <3

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