InsertUI with selectInput does not show list of values from a DF

Hi people.

How can I use insertUI with a "selectInput" to show a list of values to choose?


actionButton("plot", "Plotar!"),



    tabela_saida = df
    valor_le = df$LE
    valor_tr = df$TR
    relacao_ts = (valor_le/valor_tr)
    valor_grau = df$Grau
     observeEvent(input$plot, {
        selector = "#plot",
        where = "afterEnd",
        ui = selectInput(
          label = "Grau:",
          choices = valor_grau,
          selected = 1

This insertUI will update the value of "choises" in the "valor_grau = df$Grau" values, but it always shows it blank, like the image.

Ps.: My DF is with no problem

If someone can save me...

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