install rshiny without a server

I want to install Rshiny on our company's network, is it possible to install the package but not install the open source rshiny server.
Reason to not install the server is our IT provider requires to set up the server, this requires costing. We cannot use the cloud because of data sovereignty and data handling concerns.
We have Rstudio available on the network, the packages are in a repository which we pull from. This allows users to pull the package from the repository. To just install the package on the network and only allow the package to be pulled from the repository, what are the steps. Is it just, install. packages ("shiny")
Hopefully this makes sense, thank you.

Yes, it is install.packages("shiny").

This will allow every user to run shiny apps locally within their RStudio IDE sessions. Those shiny apps would then only be accessible in that session and only for the user that has started them.

thank you, if we do want to install the open source server, what is the steps for that?
It is preferred the Rshiny apps that we produced runs locally and the information is stored locally, the app is not accessible from the web and internal viewing only.

Here you can find installation instructions

As long as you do not explicitly expose the shiny-server port to the public internet, the app will only be accessible within your local network.

thank you for your help.

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