Installing JAGS in RStudio Cloud

I would like to try and install the NobBS package from Harvard CCDD, for nowcasting of epidemics:

However, this requires installing JAGS in the RStudio Cloud environment, and I haven't even tried installing JAGS on my machine :grinning: (I'm mostly an Edward/TFP/Stan guy). Can you help me? Thanks!

If this is a system dependency that is not already installed on their servers, they are going to have to consider if it is worthy to install it an even then it's going to take a while until they actually install it, that is one of the reasons I also like to have an RStudio Server instance on a cloud computing service (e.g. AWS) so I can install any system dependency I want.

It turns out JAGS it is already installed, what is your issue installing NobBS? I just have installed it with simply install.packages("NobBS")


Amaaaazing! No issue at all, actually. I was too much of a stickler: since the NobBS README recommends to install JAGS before installing NobBS, I didn't even try to install it without installing JAGS first :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

NobBS requires that JAGS (Just Another Gibbs Sampler) is downloaded to the system or computer on which NobBS will run. Download JAGS here:

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