Installing rattle Error

When starting rattle I receive a dll error - can't access libalk-1.0-0.dll. This should be an easy fix by simply reinstalling the rattle and RGtk2 libraries. Problem is my R/RStudio runs on a closed network so I need to know what my IT admin folks need to do so that I can install and run the rattle GUI.

R Version 3.5.1
RStudio version 1.1.456
rattle library 5.2.0
RGtk2 library 2.20.35

Do I need to have my IT folks install something else that has the dll in question?


Sorry for the delay in seeing this! Any luck getting it completed? You might contact the maintainers of the package to see where that dll comes from. If it is not a part of the R packages, then you probably do need to find out where to get the dll from and potentially have your administrators install it. Unfortunately, I am not super familiar with rattle or its dependencies!

It's our IT services, they are working the issue

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