Installing Rtools40

Hello. I need to install Rtools in order to work with keras package. I've successfully downloaded Rtools from, but then I need to "put it on a path", as it is stated here on this website. I don't understand what is written here about doing that. Could you,please, explain it to me in a simple way and, desirably, with an example?

Thank you for your help.

Basically says, run this command in R and restart your R session.

writeLines('PATH="${RTOOLS40_HOME}\\usr\\bin;${PATH}"', con = "~/.Renviron")

Ok, I did that.
Simply , writeLines('PATH="${RTOOLS40_HOME}\\usr\\bin;${PATH}"', con = "~/.Renviron")
changed nothing

In it is stated, that

When I run "Sys.which("make") I get make ""

So, something is wrong. How can I fix it?

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