"Introducing yourself to git" in rstudio.cloud

I'm teaching with RStudio Cloud this semester, and it's working great! @mine convinced me at rstudio::conf that I should use a workspace for my class, and a base project. So nice!

However, I'm having students create multiple projects within the workspace for different assignments, and they're using git/Github. It seems that every time you create a new project, you have to reintroduce yourself to git (i.e. type git config --global user.name 'Jane Doe', etc. in the terminal). Is there a setting somewhere that would remember that configuration within a user account across projects?

Unfortunately this is true, and I'm also hoping that this won't be the case forever.

If you'd like them to avoid using the terminal, you can also use usethis::use_git_config().


Thanks for the reminder about usethis, @mine! Still pretty annoying. But, I'm glad I wasn't missing some obvious setting somewhere.

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