Is that possible for sharing library through NFS?

We are now using Rstudio-Server for multi-users with multiple VPS. Since the disk space is expensive, so I'm seeking a way to reduce the disk storage cost by sharing the library through NFS: install all needed packages in VPS-A, and then mount the " /usr/lib/R/library" to VPS-B/C/D through NFS.

Have anyone done this before? Is this possible?

Any help would be appreciated.

I think this is somewhat common in larger institutions, and should work as long as the NFS is reliable. However, some users have reported that very large R libraries with slow NFSes can impede the performance (especially on startup) for RStudio, so it's worth testing before making this a default deployment for users.

(If that is indeed the case for you, one panacea is disabling the Packages pane in RStudio)

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