Is there a list of these type of errors available? Where do they come from? The json portion.

[INF]: Connection closed. Info: {"type":"close","bubbles":false,"cancelable":false,"timeStamp":1652063550757,"wasClean":true,"code":4702,"reason":"Error reading from Shiny"}

[INF]: Connection closed. Info: {"type":"close","bubbles":false,"cancelable":false,"timeStamp":1651865125361,"wasClean":true,"code":4704,"reason":"No such token."}

Could you give some context as to what you are presenting ?

They are messages that are printed to the browser console by shiny-server-client

Can you tell what steps i should take to witness that for myself on my device ?

Hi Sorry I thought I replied to this. The only way I know how to reproduce them is by running an application on RStudio Connect. They will start appearing automatically - mostly message buffer INF messages. It seems that shiny-server-client works differently for local vs rstudio connect.. You can then set timeout for the application