Is there way to change hovertext in plotly



I created a graph in ggplot2 which needs to go to a shinydashboard hence I converted it into a plotly graph. But Now it uses some redundant information in the graph as you can see below.

I want to be able to remove some of this information and add some of mine. I tried hoverinfo but it only works in plotly graph created through plotly.

please any complex solution would do. Even if you can point me to a direction to look for would do.


Did you try steps from this link?


I did but ggplotly function doesn't have a hoverinfo argument.


It does have ... argument. Can you try passing the required info there?


Thanks for suggestion I tried it but it doesn't work. It doesn't give me any errors though. It simply skips that part.

There must be some way to handle hover info through layout or something...


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