Issue using lme4 for mixed effect modeling with continuous DV

I am trying to use lme4 to run a mixed effects model. When I run it with a binomial y variable it seems to work fine.

AccMetPrev.lm = lmer(Correct ~ 1 + Mratio * Prevalence_Level + (1+ Mratio |RECORDING_SESSION_LABEL) + (1|INDEX) + (1|targetcategory), data = VSMRatiodata, family = binomial)

However, when I switch to a continuous variable it is not giving me any p values and is for some reason separating my targetcategory variable. Both of the examples are essentially running the same model except that I am removing "family=binomial"

VerMetPrev.lm = lmer(Verification ~ 1 + Mratio * Prevalence_Level + (1+ Mratio |RECORDING_SESSION_LABEL) + (1|INDEX) + (1|as.factor(targetcategory), data = VSMRatiodataTP)

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