Javascript error in RStudio Viewer but not Chrome or Firefox

I am running into some issues where some javascript is producing an error in RStudio viewer but not in other browsers. Using babel to transpile the javascript to ES2015+ did not work. Any ideas would be appreciated!

P.S. I am posting this here instead of on rstudio/issues because I suspect it is probably an issue with my nascent understanding of javascript rather than an issue with RStudio per se. But if this is a bug, I can move it over.

To recreate:

  1. Install quarto-cli and then install my lordicon extension
  2. quarto install extension jmgirard/lordicon
  3. Download and render this example file to RStudio Viewer
    lordicon/example.qmd at main · jmgirard/lordicon · GitHub
  4. Notice that the icons are missing and Inspect shows errors
  5. But open the rendered HTML file in Chrome and no errors

Relevant Issue from my package:

Relevant Quarto discussion:

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