kableExtra cell_spec() issues in markdown

Hi All,

I am putting together an interactive Rmd for a blog post I am writing but can't get kableExtra's cell_spec() to cooperate (rather, I may not be cooperating with it!). Simply, I would like to format the cells in a reactive table to be either green or red depending on two conditions. However, it only works for the first column i mutate, "DrugA" in this case. Here is a reproducible example:

my_df <- data.frame(
  analysis = c("Expected Loss", "Proportion Cost Effective"),
  DrugA = c(380, 0.55),
  DrugB = c(300, 0.45)
)  %>% 
    DrugA = cell_spec(DrugA,
                      color = ifelse(DrugA < DrugB & analysis == "Expected Loss" | DrugA > DrugB & analysis == "Proportion Cost Effective",
    DrugB = cell_spec(DrugB,
                      color = ifelse(DrugB < DrugA & analysis == "Expected Loss" | DrugB > DrugA & analysis == "Proportion Cost Effective",
                                     "green", "red"))
    ) %>% 
  kable("html", escape = FALSE) %>% 
  kable_styling(bootstrap_options = c("striped", "hover"))

Of course, if it were not reactive, I could print the html to the console and paste it within the Rmd; though the table needs to be reactive.

I have tried placing the cell_spec() in different formats... For example, I tried:

                    DrugA = ifelse(DrugA<DrugB & analysis == "Expected Loss" | DrugA>DrugB & analysis == "Proportion Cost Effective",
                                  cell_spec(DrugA, "html", color = "green"),
                                  cell_spec(DrugA, "html", color = "red")),
                    DrugB = ifelse(DrugB<DrugA & analysis == "Expected Loss" | DrugB>DrugA & analysis == "Proportion Cost Effective",
                                  cell_spec(DrugB, "html", color = "green"),
                                  cell_spec(DrugB, "html", color = "red"))


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