knitr, side-by-side images with padding/margin between

Hi, I have 2 images and I want to render them side by side in both LaTeX (pdf) and gitbook (html) format.

This works fine on pdf, but not on html:

```{r side-by-side,'hold', out.width='45%',}


In the html output, there is no white space, margin, padding between images. I want some gap between images. I feel like there must be an option but I couldn't find it. Is there a way to set this without editing CSS?

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Centering and width both work for me doing this:

``` {r, echo=FALSE, fig.align='center', out.width='50%'}

Do the commands you have included work but just not nicely styled?

If so I'm guessing you'll just need to edit the CSS.


It works but not styled the way I want.

HTML Output:

PDF Output:

I want the images side-by-side with a little space between in html format. I can edit the CSS, no problem but I was just thinking there must be an option I can set in the code chunk.

You can try including a blank, spacer image

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