launch a file rmd ( markdown ) from Rgui without using RStudio


It makes a moment for which I look if it's possible to launch/execute a file rmd ( markdown ) from Rgui without using RStudio. Because I have constraints in the work: I cannot use Rstudio.

I have examine but everybody uses Markdown since Rstudio.

We want to run the rmd file from Rgui and we use Windows. Knowing that we have already executed the Rmd file in Rgui using the "rmarkdown :: render (filename)" instruction and we got the error :
"Error: Pandoc version 1.12.3 or higher is required and not found (see the help page? Rmarkdown :: pandoc_available)."
We have tried to download pandoc but pandoc is not downloadable in R version (3.4.4 / 3.4.1).


It's talking about pandoc itself, not a package. Pandoc ships with RStudio so normally it's not necessary to install it.

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As @hughparsonage noted, you need pandoc, which is not an R package. For R Markdown to work you need the rmarkdown package, Pandoc, and LaTeX. You may want to take a look at the installation chapter of the R Markdown book:

If you do not have RStudio IDE installed, you will have to install Pandoc (

Exactly I do not want to use Rstudio, my work environment does not have rstudio.
I want to run an rmd file without Rstudio. But using Rgui

You can, you use, for example for a pdf:

rmarkdown::render('foo.Rmd', 'pdf_document')

Pandoc is not an R package, you need to download it for your computer.

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